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A Collection of Twelfth Century Vrellenie Nature Poems

Gifted to Neil by his younger sister, Junifer, who holds high hopes that introducing some class and romance into Neil’s life will erode his shell. He finds it difficult to give gifts away, and so, conspires to put them to good use.

Having read this sizeable volume cover to cover, to ensure he’d be able to keep up a conversation during her next inevitable visit, he has put it to use as a bookend. It prevents the collapse of The Amphigorvian Railway, the Ruins of Alkhaven Roads, and the Maiden Voyage of the Amalthea, to mention a few.

Its sheer size made it an unwelcome addition at first. It was too tall to sit upright with the other books on his shelf, and heavy enough that resting it upright on one knee while reading resulted in that leg falling asleep. What was initially an annoyance became its greatest contribution the Neil’s bookshelf.

It had a few poems within that Neil was sure were good poems, though they were not to his taste, and though he would not recommend it to anyone he knew, it had taken to its role as bookend with fervour and determination. In short, elthough Neil could not, by its contents, call it a good book, he had come to feel that it was, by temperament, a Good Book.

One comment on “A Collection of Twelfth Century Vrellenie Nature Poems

  1. […] dictionary is a combination dictionary-thesaurus, the second largest book on his shelf, after the Collection of Twelfth Century Vrellenie Nature Poetry. Since that particular volume’s arrival, the dictionary has lost its humble but serviceable role […]

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